Thursday, December 06, 2007

What If??? Christmas Presents were not about price but relation??

Tis the season for parents to be throwing elbows in order to get little Timmy that Wii he has been pining for, for the past 2 months. It is the season to go into incredible debt buying things we cannot afford, and in 2 months will lose it's luster and it's excitement as the new version of whatever it is comes out eventhough we are still making payments for the "older" not as cool one we got Timmy for Christmas. It is time for us to horde all our income in order to see the big game in DLP, Plasma, HD Glory at the altar of Sony, Toshiba and Samsung. It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, BUT what if....

What if we did not buy Timmy that Wii and instead got him a basketball and took him to the local park and taught him to shoot a jump shot and run and get some fresh air. What if instead of getting little Susie that cell phone she wants (eventhough she is 7 years old) what if you bought her some books about cooking, or shooting jump shots and interacted with her by baking a cake or teaching her how to shoot a 3pt basket??? And what if instead of forking out $900 bucks on this years Xmas presents we actually gave money to helping countries get clean drinking water?? What if we denied ourselves that XBOX 360 in order to give someone a clean, non lethal glass of water, WATER!!!

That is what the Advent Conspiracy is talking about, and I am starting to listen and really be convicted by our American Dream of a White and Plastic laden Xma$

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