Thursday, December 20, 2007

LOBOS 83 nmsu 69, The Pit is Back!

UNM beat up on the small junior college looking kids from down south known as the New Mexico State Aggies last night. It was great from seeing Coach Alford simply outclass and outcoach Marvin Menzies to Roman Martinez scoring a career high 24pts. it was a great night to be a Lobo!! The Pit was loud and sounded at times like the old days of rowdiness!

What a Christmas gift, I mean beating up on the Aggies is a gift that just keeps giving and giving all year long!

Click here for article from the Albuquerque Tribune about last night's game.

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Anonymous said...

To bad you missed the 1st game of the annual series.. As I recall the Lobos got their head handed to them--less than impressive outing--on the road..
Perhaps the Lobo’s don’t understand proportionality.

Note: each team is 1 and 1 against each other

In the 2 games the Lobos scored a total of 145 point and the Aggies scored 140, so one might argue that the Lobo’s are 3.571% better.

BUT they pay their coach 400% more than the Aggies do. So they pay 400% more to be 3.5% better.

Hardly a wise investment or return on the Lobo 1 Million dollar+ investment..