Monday, December 10, 2007

We gave the kids away because the cat was allergic...

That was a bumper sticker that I saw a couple days ago. It at first may seem like a humorous statement, but there is sadly a lot of true to life ideology behind that.

Michael Vick the former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has been sentenced to 23 months in prison for the abuse and killings of fighting dogs and the dog fights he was a part of. Now I am not one to sit back and think it is ok to do those things to dogs, the Lord has given us creation, a creation He has called "good" and has told us to be stewards over such creation. However what I find interesting is what lengths we go to love on our pets, to love on animals and the planet, yet millions of children die each year, no let me restate that millions of children are KILLED each year. Why are they killed? Disease? War? Yes, but the majority of children are killed in the name of convenience, abortion is killing kids by the hundreds daily because people are "not ready" to be a parent.

What a sick world we live in where dogs and cats are loved on and it is ok and even applauded to stick up for these innocent four pawed creatures. Yet it is "intolerant" and wrong to tell someone that killing a baby in the womb is NOT ok? To take a living image of God and destroy it, is now seen as a "choice" ,a right even, if that person chooses to.

What is the church doing?? I am not talking about the pastors, but the body of Christ the people of God. I am not talking about Protesting the abortion clinics, I am talking about providing a safe place for these mom to be's to have their child in a clean hospital, and a way to raise them. I am talking about the church that is to raise up men that will raise and love families sacrificially. Where is the church in valuing life from conception to the grave?? Where is the church that gives and loves our neighbors and provides the means to make the choice for life?

Sadly the Church is a lot of the times with the world in the pet shop buying little fluffy a new diamond collar! This needs to change, we need by God's grace to change and not wait or protest for the remedy but be the remedy.

I was talking to Zach Nielsen today and the home group we belong to may be looking at how we can help a ministry called CareNet that is being the remedy, maybe for me it starts there.

Where is your starting point??

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