Monday, December 10, 2007

Got 2 coats, give 1 away...

This article I found on the Acts 29 resource list by Jason Boone is very convicting for me, a lower middle class dude with more than a few coats.

Most of us would say that rich people piss Jesus off. They live in big houses, drive expensive cars, and take lavish vacations, whatever. And even if they do give to the poor, it’s for tax breaks more than compassion or obedience. These are the guilty parties. If I, middle class guy, had that kind of money, I’d do the right thing with it. Furthermore, I’d give my time because I wouldn’t have to work so much just to get by.

This feels pretty good until you realize that middle class guy is really rich. And not just compared to people in Africa or the slums of India, but to people in their own cities. This is a shot in the arm for lower class guy, who now has two classes of people to judge. But lower class guy is still working out of earthly wisdom. Driving a beater car and drinking lowly Dr. Perky instead of regal Dr. Pepper isn’t a note from Jesus excusing you from looking after the poor.

What does this mean for my life? Maybe it is again being the remedy instead of the symptom teller. Instead of looking at the dude with the Caddy I look at my Honda and my clothes and my lifestyle and ask how can it be used for the Kingdom, for giving to those that are poor. The question starts to become what can I use for the Kingdom with what I already have?

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