Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank You Governor!!! Now Please BE QUIET!!!

Our state's Governor Bill Richardson basically showed why he is not qualified to be President last night at the Democratic Debate. Apparentley Gov. Richardson embellished on quite a few things. For instance, our state's education progress which has actually gone backwards, our state's teachers' salaries which is not as good as he has claimed, or a few other things as well. I have lost a lot of respect for Gov. Richardson over this campaign because he has basically left his state high and dry while going after this dream of President, which that is all it is. Was he a good Governor before that, yeah I guess although I think we the people of New Mexico have been used by a greedy, selfish man for self interest and that sucks! Overall Richardson needs to step out of the campaign and back into his state that needs a good, strong leader to do all the things he said he would do and then it would not be embellishing!!!

To see the other embellishments check out Newsweek's Fact Checker.

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