Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey Virginia, Is There A Real Santa??

That is the question that Lauren (my wife) and I will be dealing with this soon as our daughter is now almost 2 and figure it will be another year or 2 till that comes, but it is coming. Over at The World From Our Window blog they have a great post dealing with this subject. I think Lauren and I have come to the same conclusion and I totally agree that Santa is not the biggest threat this Christmas season:

"To be quite frank with our readers here, I really do not find Santa Clause to be the biggest threat to us as Christians to having a Christ-centered Christmas. I think that the materialism, gluttony, impulsive spending, and a lack of focus on the Incarnation and virgin birth should be enough to keep all of us spiritually concerned in the month of December."

I totally agree with this and fear that while we are boycotting movies and arguing whether we buy our khakis from this store or that store because they do not use the word "Christmas" this season. All of this when we have not seen the true enemy that has been there the whole time allowing for distraction and for false security of "safety", we then go and worship at the alter of consumerism and materialism, the true enemy this Christmas is our hearts.

Praise God who has come to break us of the bonds of the American Christmas Dream of toys, trinkets and etc... Praise the God who has freed us from the slavery of self-kingdom building with stuff and status...Praise the God who has brought us into His Kingdom, who has sent us on His mission and did all this not with material objects, but with the oh so precious blood of His Son!!!!

This changes everything...

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Honestly, I have been struggling with this matter for Selah and Matthew too.

Eager to hear what you think.