Thursday, December 06, 2007

Good ole' Dixie?!?!? Confederate flag debate...

"Both Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney made derogatory comments about the Confederate flag, and we don't think people should come to the South and try to get our votes and then wipe their feet on the Confederate flag to kiss up to voters in other parts of the country," he said.

This past week in South Carolina during some speeches Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney made some anti-confederate flag comments. Needless to say this made some people a little upset. Here is the weird thing, this flag by it's very purpose is divisive in nature as this was the symbol of certain states leaving the USA Union. This flag represents to the majority of the population in the USA and the world, slavery and a very embarrassing time for our "Christian" nation. What frustrates me is that this flag is still allowed to fly in certain public squares and we all seem ok with it. What humors and saddens me is that people still find this flag as something to be proud of, proud of what?? Proud of slavery?? Proud of racism?? Proud of internal terrorism where one group tries to tear apart the country literally?? I am actually glad someone stood up for the reality that these flags and this symbol does not serve the public good and does not serve the country in any positive ways.

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