Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is it March Yet????

Not my parents theology...

I grew up catholic, got baptized as a infant, recieved my first communion, got confirmed, and went to a Catholic high school. So it goes without saying that where my theology (the theology of Martin Luther, Calvin, Owen and Piper) is now and how my parents raised me are not alike, although now by God's grace my parents attend Desert Springs Church where I go. My wife on the other hand did grow up in a evangelical Christian home. Her parents were part of the "seeker-friendly", "personal relationship" generation. It is kind of a purpose driven culture, although they are more reformed than most their generation.

All this being said, it seems that a new generation is rising up that is more focused on God's Renown, on His Glory.A passion to let scripture be scripture, and just want to know what it says. Also on the rise is a passion for old dead guys, such as Luther, Augustine, Martin Lloyd Jones, Calvin, Spurgeon and Edwards. Also a rise in Puritan theology and study is having a rebirth, so to speak. The article
  • The Young, Restless, Reformed
  • says it a lot better than I can, it is a good read, so enjoy.

    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    UFC Mania!!!!!

    Men beating the bloody pulp out of each other, choking each other out, breaking their limbs, yeah just another day at the office for UFC fighters.

    Last night a group from church got together to watch the latest UFC fight featuring the welterweight champion Matt Hughes and the challenger BJ Penn. The fight started off with the first two rounds of domination by Penn, but after the 2nd round Penn looked a lot like me after running 1/2 a mile, basically like he was going to pass out from exhaustion. Hughes then "imposed his will" on Penn and ended up putting him in a crucifix hold and beating his head like a pinata to the point where you expected candy to fall out. Winner-Hughes.

    The best part was that our new worship leader and his wife came over to watch. This was their first UFC experience. It is always fun to watch newcomers as they see the manly display of punches, kicks and submissions in all its glory so to speak. At first they seemed to be a little nervous to watch this, but by the end of the night I think it is safe to say they were hooked, if you want their experience click here.... Vitamin Z's Take on UFC

    All in all it was a good night of UFC, beer, munchies and fellowship. Yes I said fellowship, UFC watching can be fellowship. Christians do not always have to be huddled around holding hands singing Crowder songs and sharing testimonies. Fellowship can involve watching 2 greatly trained men fight and pummel each other in a state sanctioned event. The next fight will be a rematch of 2 guys that cannot stand each other, Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz, this will be their 3rd and final fight. It will also be another night of fellowship and maybe another chance to introduce someone to UFC.

    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Cannot Sleep....

    So it is 11:41pm as I type and my wife and daughter are both fast asleep as for me, well I am obviously not! Which is kinda new for me as I usally do not have too much trouble getting to sleep. The reason may be that tomorrow is my Papa's funeral, and I am to give the Eulogy. I have never before had a close relative die, the closest person I had die to me before my papa was my friend Billy who killed himself 3 years ago. Death is funny, we all seem to be heading for it, but yet in our own flesh we try to deny its inevitability, we get surgery so we stay young, we make sure we eat right and get pills to help us feel like we are 20 years old still even though we are 60. Why is it that we do so?? Could it be not so much the actual dying part, but the part that comes after?? Could we all realize that on our own once we die we will face a Holy God and be held accountable for our deeds and righteousness and if we do not match up with His Holy standards we are then judged and sent to an eternal punishment?? I am a Christian and I do believe in Hell and Do believe I deserve it, but also believe that when I die I will be judged on someone else's righteousness and deeds and that someone else is Jesus Christ! He took on my sin,my deeds that were like filthy rags to God and recieved the punishment due, and gave me His standing as righteous before God, what a humbling thought. I stand amazed at God's love in Christ Jesus daily, although I confess I do not do so nearly enough and pray for a more passionate heart and a more biblical mind to know the depths, heights and widths of God's Love.