Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Doctrine of God

"Without the love of the Son for the Father, which impelled him to make the sacrifice in the first place, without the corresponding love of the Father for the Son, by which he accepted the Son's work and pronounced the world of forgiveness for us, our salvation could not have occurred. Furthermore, without the love of the Holy Spirit for both the Father and the Son, by which he brings this message to us and sounds the very depths of our hearts, Christ's work of love would have no practical meaning in our lives. The inner lover of the persons of the Trinity is the very ground of our redemption, and at the heart of this love we meet both the wrath and the mercy of God." (Bray 223)

A great quote by Gerald Bray from his book "The Doctrine of God", on the primacy of the Trinity and also God's wrath from a book I am reading for class.

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