Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Abortion, Apathy to Passion....

Before I was a Christian I remember reading about abortion, while I felt that it was not a good thing I did not think it was something I should think about. When I got to college I fell into the ideology of "It is a woman's body, let her choose". I did not look at pictures of aborted babies or did I read up about the women that suffer regret and severe depression after the procedure. It seemed like a merciful thing to do, for a woman that was not "ready" to have a child, it would not be fair to have a child in those conditions. I mean for me I wanted to drink, hook up with girls and just have fun, and worrying about abortion was the opposite of that.

Then something amazing happened, not of my own accord, but the gospel was presented to me, and God took my heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh. He opened my eyes to who He is and who I am and my desperate n
eed of a saviour, Jesus was that, the only one who could bridge that gap between me and God that I created with my sin. After that it was no longer a Carlos Griego worldview, I did not have that "liberty" anymore! I was God's and could only see through His eyes, although I often wanted to see things in my own sinful way. This included many things, one being abortion. God used John Piper in my life in so many ways, to spark a love of reformed thinking, to think about God's passion for His own glory, to want to read old dead guys like Edwards, Owen and others. What Dr. Piper did for me in the issue of abortion was through the Holy Spirit illuminate my eyes to the truths that we are created in God's Image (Gen 1:26) , we are God's workmanship (Eph 2:10) and we are to help the helpless or needy (James 1:27). And this means more than simply praying for the unborn babies, this means taking action, maybe writing our political leaders, or helping spread information about the darkness of abortion. Dr. Piper sparked a passion to understand more what it meant to be a God Image Bearer and how abortion is not just about the woman's health, choice or convience. It is a controversial subject and one that I think we a Christians sometimes want to skoot around for the sake of peace. We as Christians do not have the freedom to be apathitic or unclear on subjets the bible is clear and passionate about! Remember it is no longer our own sinful, postmodern worldview that we use, but God's Biblical worldview that we must see life through. I think writing to a senator or handing out info. are great to do, I do think that we need to be more biblically founded on our view on this important subject and for more info, go to the Desiring God website here.

Finally here is a picture of the horror and disgust of the murder of a baby from a legal abortion. This is a image bearer of God, who was disgarded like a piece of trash, how tragic...This must make your heart hurt, your soul grieve and your eyes water....It must be stopped, the stakes are too high, millions die a year like this...

Here is a picture of an amazing creation made after God's image, not more than 1 year from being as small as that pic above. This is a image bearer of the King, Sustainer and Creator of the World...How beautiful.

This is my daughter Jordyn Piper Griego, not a planned daughter, at least in my eyes, but a child I love and one God has used to open me and my wife's eyes to the beauty of our Creator!!!

Here is another Great website about fighting abortion, remember as a Christian fighting abortion is not just something we should do, but something we must and are commanded to do!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Serving your Husband....

Now this article shows the sacrifice, and servants hearts some wives have. I think we should read this, and be encouraged of the servant hearts God has put into our wives.... (total tounge and cheek)

One Woman's Sacrifice for Her Husband!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Rampage Jackson in the UFC

So as some know I am a big fan of the UFC. My favorite fighter Tito Ortiz lost to Chuck Lidell on Dec. 30th, and honestly I thought "man no one can beat The Iceman", that was until the UFC signed Quinton Rampage Jackson, a man that has beat Chuck and did so using Chuck's own strategy. So I have here the first fight, fought between Lidell and Jackson a few years back when they fought for the Pride Fighting Championship Org.. Take a look... (It is a MMA fight so it is violent do not view if you are not into it)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Piper is Bad-Extended Version

with guests, Mahaney, Dever, Sproul, MacArthur and others.....

Mark Driscoll on The ESV Bible

Mark Driscoll who is a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA, explains why his church is switching to the ESV for the start of 2007.

Driscoll and the ESV

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Piper, Too Much Passion at Passion?

I don't think so, but read and see what he said and why he said it...
Piper's Passion

HT: (Reformissionary)

Tim Keller on Repentance

Here is an article by Rev. Tim Keller, it is a great short read and I really recommend you take the time to read it, as well as maybe download some sermons by this great preacher who has a heart for the city and the culture in it and a gift to preach!!

Rev. Tim Keller

God and Basketball...

I work with the University of New Mexico Lobo Basketball team as their Video Coordinator and have done that for 8 years with one year off last season.

Currently the team is 11-7 and we are on a 4 game losing streak. This past week we went to Colorado Springs to play the Air Force Academy Falcons. The Falcons are currently ranked in the top 15 in the nation and their 1 lose came to Duke.

We started the game off good, we were up by as much as 21 points and went into the half up 15, well in the locker room we were all celebrating and feeling like we could beat any team in the nation at that point. But that is why they play 2 halves. In the 2nd Half we lost our lead and in fact they went on something like a 28-1 run, so needless to say it was a feeling of shock and defeat in the locker room after the game.

This game for me reflects how a lot of people live their life, how a lot of Christians sadly view their life. We praise God and feel like "If He is for us who can be against us?" when we get the promotion or find that special someone. We listen to preachers (I use that word loosely) Joel Osteen, who tells us that the champion is inside us and we have the power to get rich, stay healthy and all we need to do is be positive. And when everything in life seems to be falling in place we lift our hands and in a way our chins to say see this is "Victorious Christian Living". This is the gospel for many, follow Christ and life will be good, God wants you to have the best now, Victory is only in Jesus for that new H3 Hummer.

And then the 2nd Half comes, and we lose our job due to downsizing, the test results say we have cancer, and our marriage is on rocky ground. What is the answer then for us? Many try to bargain with God; "Maybe if I tithe more then the blessings will come!" and the Pastor driving the new Avalanche seems to think so, after all the 'church' needs a flat screen TV. Or maybe it is some 'hidden' sin in your life that you have to seek out that way you can get back on track! We just need to surrender more to God, give it all to Him!! Those are the shallow answers for shallow driven lives.

The reality is, is we were not promised good lives and nowhere in the Bible is a new car promised or a job promotion handed out for following Christ. What are we promised, hmm lets see, Matt. 10, Jesus promises persecution, the book of James starts off by talking about suffering. If I remember right, Jesus Christ did not tell his followers that while he has nowhere to lay his head they need to think positive for that nice suite at the Hilton. So, no riches, no health, no Hummers..... What do we get.... GOD!!!!

Christ gives us the most amazing promise, He says that we can have a relationship with Him, and walk with God, like Adam did in the garden!! We who so often chase after the gift rather than the giver and for that deserve Hell, torment, pain, death-receive Heaven, joy, bliss, life. Paul in the book of Romans tells us that the suffering that we WILL have here on Earth will be nothing compared with Heaven and seeing God face to face. But Jesus our Master suffered and was hated, so what makes us His followers think we will have it any easier??

So when cancer comes or a 28-1 run by the opponent, do we sit and despair cause we are hurting, no we seek joy in God through Christ. Basketball becomes just a game, and cancer becomes just a moment of suffering before an eternity of joy before our King on His throne.