Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kingdom Living vs American Dream: John Piper

The Picture above hangs in my cubicle at my office at Desert Springs. I have been thinking a lot about this "war-time" mentality that Dr. Piper discusses here. This idea that we are to not be Christ Followers that hope in the American Dream. Instead we are to fight and pray that we show to the world that Jesus is our treasure, that Jesus is our riches, not money, not Mercedes and not big houses, but JESUS!!

My heart is so wicked because I can type this and listen to Dr. Piper and say AMEN, but as I venture out I catch myself saying, if I just had this.. or that.. oh wretched man that I am, who will save me? Praise God for the Jesus Christ and the saving, restoring, American Dream destroying power of the Gospel. The fight in my heart is not over, but it has begun!

I have already linked it twice, but here it is a third time, "Ask John Piper", listen to it, listen again and again!!!

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