Friday, January 18, 2008

Yippie Ki Yay.....

So being sick these past 2 days has meant 1. I am catching up on some reading in seminary, not as much as I like due to my sleeping for most of yesterday. and 2. Watching movies at home, today I watched 300 and then this evening Lauren and I sat down and watched "Live Free or Die Hard".

Needless to say I feel I need to punch something and go running into battle with a sharp object. I also realized John McClain from Die Hard could easily kill and bury Jack Bower from 24. Seriously though I feel like my manhood just rose 30 points tonight, Hey I live with a 2 year old so the most I normally get to watch is Dora the explorer.

So before I go to bed I am going to go rig up something to explode!!!

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