Monday, January 21, 2008

STL Day 1

We reached STL after a long day of airplanes and airports, yes that is plural for airports. We left the beautifully warm city of Albuquerque at 1pm only to switch planes in Dallas then we went to Little Rock where we stayed on the plane and finally at 6:45 CT we landed, about 5 hours of travel total, yay!

When we got here we checked into the hotel and proceeded to the way too expensive hotel restaurant for dinner. There was good discussion as Scott one of Z's boys and the rest of us talked shop, which meant theology and ecclesiology (aka church study). We then proceeded to the hot tub, yes 4 men that work in churches and read for a living, sorry to burst any hotness bubbles.

Here is the thing that stood out on this trip, before we left ABQ I took a Dramamine pill to help me sleep on the plane, I did not sleepy, so when we arrived in Dallas I did the same, still no sleep. Zach says that half a pill knocks him out, maybe it is the tolerance I built up earlier in my 20's with liquid Dramamine or as the locals put it alcohol. I must be immune to it or something.

Anyway the 1st day has gone well, I survived the plane trips, and even listened to some good White Horse Inn's and Redeemer Church's 1st service.

Tomorrow I head to Covenant Seminary for the 1st offical day of class, I got my #2 pencils, Transformer lunch box and new Nikes!!

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