Wednesday, January 30, 2008

African Soccer on The Rise, Watch Out Beckham!

"Imagine most of baseball's Latin American sluggers returning home en masse to miss a full month of games midway through a regular season, and you'll get some idea of what European pro soccer is currently experiencing. Depleted squads; the general level of play noticeably weakened; and standings shaken up as teams surge or falter as a result of the exodus of so many star performers. The cause of the exodus? The African Cup of Nations, a biennial tournament that pitches the continent's 16 top national teams against one another in a mini-World Cup whose quality now rivals the regional competitions of South America and Europe."

I have always wondered why soccer never caught on here in America. I truly wonder if white America is so obsessed with being dominate that a sport that we flat out are not that good in, in comparison with Latinos or Africans, we are not that stoked on. Is that the reason we are so into football here, because America is the best at this sport, and could that explain the drop off in interest in baseball with Haitians and Cubans dominating recently. We love to claim USA #1 in everything, basketball, football, bad economies...and anything we are not #1 in eh, not so important.

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