Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We Are A Stuff Driven Culture

This talk about a tax rebate given by the government is an interesting one that is about one thing...stuff. We are a culture that is so consumer dependent that the only way the government keeps us economically afloat is to make sure we are buying more stuff at a quicker rate. This rebate is not about giving the American people money in order to save for Johnny's college fund, it is there so we will get it and then in turn spend it on stuff. America's ideal is the status that stuff gets us, that is why we work, why we save money, so we can get shiner toys. I am convicted cause I often, way way too often bow my knee to the altar of new things to buy.

Here is a quote regarding what this tax rebate is all about:

Lawmakers hope the rebates and business incentives will spur consumer and corporate spending and keep the economy from dipping into a recession before the November presidential and congressional election.

Props: Reuters

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