Thursday, January 10, 2008

Confessions of a Missional Pastor

David Fitch over at Reclaiming the Mission has this great article illustrating the past 10 years of his life as a missional pastor. This is a great list for those who are thinking about planting or going into ministry. I feel I am just starting on this journey and hope to learn from others, learn to avoid certain land mines that others have hit. That is the church after all, it is older men and women teaching guiding and leading the young punks like myself!

Here is a brief list of what David has learned click here for the detailed list:

1. Spend less time writing sermons, more time listening

2. Spend less time reading-writing on leadership and more time walking with/mentoring young leaders

3. Spend less time planning the worship gathering - more time in silence before God

4. Spend more time with the children, less time programming "entertainment with pizza.

5. Spend less time in meetings, more time in the neighborhood.

6. Spend less time in meetings figuring out details to make things work better, and more time in meetings where we ask "what is God doing?

7. Spend less time trying to please Christians

8 Spend less time answering bizarre twisted questions about outlier doctrines

9 Spend less time worrying about numbers

10. Spend less time frantically trying to catch up with all the words I have to write

The first one of spending less time preparing for preaching is the only one that I am unsure of as "good" advice, but again this is this guy's experience and may not correlate 1 to 1 with mine or yours.


Props: Reformissionary

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