Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hampshire Surpises..

Well the first primary over it appears that the funeral for the Hillary Campaign '08 has been postponed for now. Just like the McCain Campaign memorial service was put off too. These two candidates who seemed all but done at various times, McCain this past summer and Clinton last weekend are now once again back in the race. What were their keys to victory, here are my opinions:

McCain-not super religious that beats out Huck and not a creepy business guy that beats out Mit, and not arrogant and slimy that beats out Guliani. Plus he has previously won New Hampshire so his popularity was still there.

Clinton-this was a shocker here, I figured that Obama would win and just take over the Democratic ticket. What what Hillary's keys to victory? She claims it was the debate on Saturday night, I doubt that was the key, she came off as arrogant and very partisan and not an agent of change. I believe it was simply a display of emotion that the media feasted on this past Monday. She got choked up and I think that swung the female vote who finally could relate to a woman that had up to that point come across as cold and rather harsh. She displayed gentleness and passion something that I think is natural for woman to display and other women then could finally relate.

So now what?? Well I think Iowa and New Hampshire while good victories for the Huck and Obama, McCain and Clinton, are not exactly good predictors of where this race will go. My predictions remain the same. Republicans will nominate Huckabee a man that is honest, respectful of others but stands firm on the issues important to the American people. Democrats will nominate Obama for the simple reason that Hillary cannot win in the general election, and she is not an agent for the change America is seeking. She said that the change people want is a Democrat in the Oval Office and no more George Bush. NO! The change America wants and needs is someone willing to break down the walls of Democrat/Republican and she has shown that she is not willing or able to do that, just like George W. is fiercely Republican, she is the flip side of the same coin, and that is what America is sick of!

And finally our faithful, well maybe faithful is not the right word, but our governor Bill Richardson came in 4th once again with only 5% of the vote. He still is not dropping out and wants to continue onto Nevada and the west. Governor give it a rest and come back and govern your state!!! You have embarrassed yourself and the New Mexican people enough, come and do the job we entrusted to you and pay you for!!!

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