Monday, July 07, 2008

Why to vote for Obama

Douglas Groothuis has caught the fever of Obamania and lists why he plans to not just vote for Obama, but be one of his biggest supporters, man this guy has an open mind ;)

Listen to his first point:
I have caught the fervor I will vote for Obama. Here is my reasoning in three crucial areas.

1. Yes, he doesn't share my views on abortion, but so what? After all, aborted babies go to heaven. If they grow up, they might go to hell. Abortion on demand is the best form of evangelism ever invented. So, with Obama we'd continue to get over a million babies into heaven year, and Supreme Court Justices to insure that it goes on for another generation. Obama would push for more and more federal funding for abortions, which means we would be using state money for evangelism! How cool is that?! And I'm sure the ACLU would never call him on it. Yes, I know the Bible talks about "Thou shalt not murder" and caring for "the least of these," but let's not get legalistic and impose our Christian morality on others.

I never looked at it this way, click here for the rest of his reasoning!

BTW: Total Sarcasm intended!!

Props: Challies

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B said...

I am really glad you put the "TW: Total Sarcasm intended!!" I was ready to give you a 15 point sermon.... when are we going to chill brotha?