Tuesday, July 08, 2008

C.J. Mahaney at Resolved

I just finished watching C.J. Mahaney's talk given at Resolved '08. C.J.'s message was titled "The Cry of the Damned" and was one of the most breathetaking, moving talks I have heard on the cross and crucifixtion. C.J.'s passion and genuine affections are such a gift of God. I urge you to download the message on either MP3 which is free, or buy the video for $4 and watch it.

Randy Alcorn was moved by this as well as John Piper's message which I hope to watch soon as well, here is an excerpt from a letter that Justin Taylor had posted:
A flood of tears came as God preached the message to me yet again. That Deity would be Damned. That the God who is called upon righteously by the saints and angels in heaven to damn people, and called upon habitually by unbelievers flippantly and unrighteously to damn people, would in fact damn his Son, would (from the Son’s willingness to drink the cup) damn himself…for us. That it could be said of the Beloved One, “God damned Him,” and that He screamed the scream of the Damned….it was too much for me. It is too much for me this moment. And in the ages to come it will continue to be too much for me.

The cup of His suffering has long seemed deep to me, but never deeper than Monday night and the two days since.

I affirm all that Randy says as I still find myself in awe of the Awesome, Gruesome, Beautiful, Cross of our Lord.

Here is a quick quote that has been ringing in my ears from C.J.:
"Because He (Jesus) screamed we can sing, because He screamed we are now forgiven, because He screamed we will never be forsaken by God, because He screamed we will see the face of God and because He screamed we can now sing and serve our God."

Download the Message Here, or go to Purchase Video Here

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