Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby #2-Lessons from the Frontlines


Brayden is now 3 days old and doing very well. We had a trip to the pediatrician this morning for a post birth check up, it went well. He even had some projectile poop that took out mom and almost got the nurse, dad and sister were safe. Although earlier in the day dad did take a shot to the arm, forgets that changing boys' diapers is different than girls, boys can aim!

I have been home for the past 3 days helping Lauren as we adjust to life with 2 kids. Needless to say that moving from 1 kid to 2 is a huge leap. Bill Anderson an elder at my church told me that 1 is like none and 2 is like 20, it is so true. I am working to be a serving, humble and loving husband to my wife. I am not good at doing this, I am selfish and sinful, but press on to imitate Christ to my wife. I failed horribly when Jordyn was little, I was not gentle and not very helpful around the house, I thought that my job was to make the money, but when I got home that was Lauren's area for her to perfect. I was an idiot! Through Godly men in my life and through being broken by God, I realize that I must yes make the money, but also serve my wife when I am home, I must work to love my wife like Christ loves the Church, be willing to die for her, or be inconvenienced when I get home and do dishes! I am far from where I want to be in this journey but feel I am better at this the 2nd time around only by God's Grace.

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