Monday, February 18, 2008

NY Giants Provide Patriot Gear to Nicaragua

The victory of the New York Giants over the New England Patriots has helped not just those that love the Giants but other countries as well:

Taken from Time:
The fact that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl may be why the celebration was being held in this small Nicaraguan village — because Boston's loss was definitely Diriamba's gain, in the form of the "Perfect Season, 19-0" Patriots T-shirts and hats that Brady, Belichick and Brewski were supposed to have worn on the field after the game. Due to NFL regulations that prohibit the sale of the losing team's "championship" apparel, the T-shirts and hats were donated to needy Nicaraguans by World Vision, in conjunction with the NFL and Reebok.

Ah this makes me happy, the Giants helping provide!!

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