Monday, February 18, 2008

NASCAR??? I Don't Get It

I admit it, I do not understand the hype that surrounds NASCAR. Yesterday afternoon I turned the TV on to see that the Daytona 500 was nearing the end, only 20 laps left in this "Super Bowl" of car racing. I decided that since I am pretty outspoken about how boring this "sport" is I would give it a honest try. So I sat there and watched as the commentators acted like it was the most exciting event ever, Waltrip the color analyst kept telling me to hold on to my seat, maybe he was afraid I would fall asleep and fall off my seat, I don't know. It seemed that everytime the cars got going there would be a caution flag for 3 laps or so which apparently means no one is able to move position and they just drive around the track like a parade. This happend 3 or 4 times during the last 20 laps, so more than half of the final laps were under this caution flag, Boring!! The final 2 laps were not under caution and the commentators were yelling and super stoked on whether Kyle Busch would dominate, he didn't and some other dude won the race, it was very anti-climactic.

Needless to say I still do not get it, I do not understand the draw for this so called sport. Maybe it just does not translate to TV very well but compare the final 20 laps to the final quarter of the Super Bowl, or to the month of March for College hoops and seriously, no comparison.

I gave it a fair shot and found it was not for me, luckily the NBA All-Star game was on to salvage the sporting weekend!

March Madness is coming too!!!!!

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