Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jehoshaphat and the Fear of Man

Growing up we were told the dangers of peer pressure. We will end up in jail, hooked on cocaine or worse. The reality is though it is not all peer pressure we were to avoid, breaking the law, yes that is bad. Getting a good job, pursuing the American Dream, well that kind of peer pressure is ok and helpful.

Scripture does not give us that wiggle room. We either listen to man or we listen to God. Either we follow our LORD or we follow the whims of man who are depraved and enemies of God. This does not mean that we never listen to others, but that we are aware of the lure of fearing the opinion of man is more dangerous than maybe we realize.

Over at Shepherd Press's Blog they have done a 2 part series on Jehoshaphat and how the fear of man can lead us down a deceptively dangerous road.

Here is an excerpt:
One of the more remarkable examples of peer pressure or fear of man found in the Bible is the story of Jehoshaphat and King Ahab in 2 Chronicles 18. The Spirit is God was gracious to provide such a clear and vivid account of the dynamics of peer pressure. There is much you can use in the chapter to teach your children about this all too common tendency of making the opinion of others more important than the opinion of God.

I encourage you to check these 2 parts out, and then search yourself for where this sin is present right now and repent. Trust in the One who perfectly trusted and followed God, Jesus Christ.

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