Friday, July 10, 2009

Generation Me In Full Effect

Jessica Wakeman is honest. Jessica Wakeman is selfish. Jessica Wakeman is honest about being selfish.

This article is not shocking cause of its' content, it is shocking cause of the fact that it is just so blunt. This mindset of me, me, me, is what many of us in our 20's have been fed with sense kindergarten. We are the best, we are the most important, and as long as we love ourselves that is all that matters. We have been told that we are our top priority.

This mindset has led to a generation that is obsessed with individuality and consumerism "Have it my way-ism". We are spoiled and don't like to share. Sacrifice and service??? Only on our terms when we can fit it between going to the gym, level 18 of World of Warcraft and March Madness. Obviously when we do this it is not really sacrifice and service, but don't tell me that, cause I need to feel good about myself for serving and sacrificing!

Ok, rant over, kinda...

Jessica Wakeman is at least blunt about her me, me, me attitude:

Let me be clear: I respect whatever other women choose to do because I'd want them to respect what I choose to do. Kids, no kids, puppies, iguanas, I don't care what your choice is. But I do care about the kind of judgments us women make against one another. But there's something about this particular judgment that has me puzzled -- really, what's so wrong with being selfish?

1. Women should be allowed to care about pleasing ourselves-- and only ourselves -- without being judged. What is wrong with a woman being selfish? Really. Think about it for a second. Why shouldn't we be selfish if it means we're meeting our own needs and taking care of ourselves? What's wrong with caring more about bringing pleasure to your own life than anything else?

It should not be as controversial as it apparently is for women to think of themselves first if they are not hurting anyone. Reasonable people agree a woman should make herself happy, but why do these people suddenly because so unreasonable when those women say it would make her happy to just focus on herself?
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Justin Taylor responds well here:
The battle against selfishness is difficult, and a constant need. Marriage reveals a new level of it in our hearts, and having kids ups the ante significantly. But by God's grace we can battle the sin of selfishness.
Props: JT

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