Monday, July 06, 2009

Hispanics and Christianity

Very interesting report from Ed Stetzer, especially for a Hispanic in New Mexico as I am.

Barna found many similarities with the general American public, but also points out the differences in the faith of American Hispanics. From the Barna report:

How did the two populations differ spiritually? Based on the questions asked, gaps were discovered in just a handful of areas, including:
  • Hispanics remained somewhat more likely to believe that a good person can earn his or her way into Heaven
  • Americans, overall, were significantly more likely to claim that they are "absolutely committed" to Christianity (58% vs. 46%, respectively)
  • Hispanics are twice as likely as the aggregate adult base to be aligned with the Catholic church (44% vs. 22%, respectively)
  • Americans at-large were slightly more likely to be born again Christians (46% vs. 40%), based on their theological views
There is much more at the Barna site. Read the full story here.

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