Friday, May 22, 2009

David Brooks on Cheney, Obama and Bush

I am not very political, in fact I get uneasy when Christians get really up in arms about any issue and work to politicize it. I know there are flaws in that thinking, somewhat, so I am working them out. In that I am hesitant to listen to any preacher who is a staunch Republican or Democrat.

David Brooks's very insightful comments below is why we need to be able to look under the rhetoric of conservatives and liberals.

Here is how he opened his opinion section in the NY Times:
President Obama and Dick Cheney conspired on Thursday to propagate a myth. The myth is that we lived through an eight-year period of Bush-Cheney anti-terror policy and now we have entered a very different period called the Obama-Biden anti-terror policy. As both Obama and Cheney understand, this is a completely bogus distortion of history.
Read the rest of these insightful comments here.

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