Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Questions As You Start The Week

Working with young adults I hear the phrase “I’m so busy!” more times than I can count. So for all young adults and really everybody, let me ask you this question as we begin our week.

What will you do, who will you speak to, where will you spend your time that in 100 billion years will matter?

In other words what will you do this week that will make an eternal difference?

Who will you talk to about Jesus that may transform someone’s eternity?

What petty, superficial things will you get caught up in that will rust and be consumed by moth?

What prayers will you pray with the Kingdom of God in view?

What will you worry about that in the span of eternity will not matter?

When you look back on this week, will you have treasures laid up in heaven, or embarrassment as it all burns away?

What will you be "busy" with this week?

Just Askin’...

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Christopher Lake said...

Thanks for these great, clarifying questions, Los! What a helpful Biblical perspective for the week! As I was reading recently, Jesus is Lord over ALL-- including our time and how we spend it. Right now, I'm spending some time listening to the Gospel Coalition audio for D.A. Carson's message-- what a mind and heart for God!!!