Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Humility and Grace, Camp and Driscoll

This post by Steve Camp made my day. Camp has been a vocal critique of Mark Driscoll. At times his commentary has crossed the line to just mean and vindictive (which he admits in this post). What is amazing is that recently Mark and Steve talked and seemed to have reconciled and allowed "love to cover" these differences. This is what the Kingdom is like, where people who do differ on open handed issues can reconcile to each other through humility and love because of a Greater Love already given to them. This is what makes the gospel so amazing in lives of such diverse people!

I encourage you to read this post by Steve Camp, here is a quick excerpt of how Camp starts off this post:

Some of you seeing me post another article about Mark Driscoll are expecting me to come out of the box swinging, prepared to challenge, do battle against, or slice and dice with some well versed clever sarcasm about Mark and his TV appearance. Well, I hate to disappoint you, but today that will not be happening.

Props: Acts 29

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