Thursday, June 19, 2008

No, Not Six Flags or Disneyland...

It is Bible Park vs. Bible Park!
Kim Riddlebarger over on his blog writes this funny and sad news of what we in America are turning "The Word of the Cross" into, no wonder it is not folly to the world but now just amusement...

Now this is ironic. The owners of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL (TBN) want to build another such themed park in Nashville, TN. Not to be outdone, a group of developers wants to build "Bible Park USA" in the same city. Since the Holy Land Experience offers a daily reenactment of the crucifixion, imagine the job boom in Nashville when two Bible theme parks start hiring thin, long-haired young men who look like Jesus and/or disciples. Can't you just picture the long line of big, swarthy types, auditioning to play Roman soldiers. This is gonna make it tough for the evangelicals in Nashville. Where to take the youth group? Which park does a better job reenacting Jesus' passion?

Click here for the story on these 2 parks

Props: Riddleblog

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