Friday, April 18, 2008

T4G Review Part 1

Well I have made it back to the 505 after a incredible, incredible week at Together for the Gospel in Louisville, KY. I did not blog at all while out there due to time, I felt for me that I really wanted to use all my waking time getting to know and converse with the people I came with along with some other friends I made on this trip, plus I am a wuss and need lots of sleep :). So this is my post T4G re-caps. Here is part 1.

The first highlighted portion of my trip was the Band of Blogger luncheon in the Hotel. This featured a couple hundred bloggers and was a panel discussion featuring Tim Challis, Abraham Piper, Thabiti Anyabwile and Phil Johnson. This was a cool experience because all these fellas blogs are on my Google reader and now I can put a face to the blog so that was neat. In a lot of ways their discussions were on topics that have been swirling around my head about blogging and this new form of communication. The best line was by Thabiti who said regarding what the essence of our blogs should be was really what the stain of our life should be that is, whatever we do writing or thinking it needs to be stained by the blood of the Cross. How true is that statement, and how horrible am I at living that statement out?

Overall the lunch was a good start to the conference, I still think some of us bloggers take ourselves too seriously and act like the Kingdom will not progress without our blog or our opinion being out to the whole world. The blog is truly the cult of the amateur and like all things has great aspects and not so great aspects. But may we who blog not forget Thabiti's exhortation of whatever we post may it be marked by the blood of the Cross!

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