Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Million Dollar Man's Testimony

I grew up watching WWF (the wrestling organization now known as WWE). I was a Hulkamaniac and was a fierce opponent of Hulk's arch-nemesis "The Million Dollar Man". I am older and not so much into professional wrestling, but still have fond memories. Below is an interview with Ted DiBiase (aka The Million Dollar Man) about his spiritual journey. It really is an amazing testimony and is also very telling about the need for strong men in the church who are men, not boys, no matter how physcialy strong or rich you are.

Here is a very telling quote that I don't doubt ismore common in the church today:

Everything was going according to plan, and then [when I was ] 15 my dad died from a heart attack in the ring. My whole life flipped upside down. I had to move to a small town. I had to watch my mother dive into full-blown alcoholism and sink into self-pity. But I gained strength from the lessons my dad taught me, and I stayed out of trouble, worked hard, and became the first person from my little school to graduate and get a football scholarship.

But then, in college, pride crept into my life, and I started doing things I wouldn't have done previously—having a beer with the boys, and then parties on the weekends—and that's a slippery slope. I quit going to church altogether. There was no longer a male role model in my life to convict me, and I drifted away from God. I didn't graduate from college, I didn't make it to the NFL, and my first marriage ended in divorce after six years. My oldest son is from that marriage.

Ted then goes on to describe his wanderings away from the church and his marital infidelity and a wife who loved Jesus more than him and because of that love stayed with him through it.

I knew I had failed as a man. Afterward my wife came to me and said: "I don't have the strength to forgive you. But God is a God of restoration and not divorce. Because I want to be obedient to Him and for no other reason, I'm going to give you a chance you don't deserve."

Stories of Jesus' transforming power like this need to be celebrated more, and not just because he is a celebrity, but because stories of restoration and hope in broken lives especially marriages need to be shared! After all, our God is in the business of restoring what was once broken and making all things new.

Click below to read the whole interview and testimony from New Man Magazine.

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