Friday, January 30, 2009

What Drama Are You Going After

Check out this post from Out of Ur Blog about the 3 different dramas that we as ministers engage in.

Here is a great concluding quote of the One who lived in each of the dramas perfectly:

When we take our gaze off the celebrity pastors (practical dramatists) and the ministry pundits (theoretical dramatists) and we fix our eyes once again on Jesus, we’ll discover a spiritual leader with the wisdom to focus on the only drama that really matters. Jesus lived and served from a soul at one with the Father and an identity secure in his love. From this inner place he drew the strength to do might works (drama of the practical) and teach profound truths (drama of the theoretical), but more importantly he found the courage to endure outward failure, ridicule, and abandonment. The drama of the eternal, his inner communion with his Father, defined and determined the outward drama of his life. Unfortunately, too many of us in ministry have it the other way around.

At any given moment we are each engaged in three dramas, but only one of them ultimately matters.

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