Friday, January 02, 2009

Top 10 Sweetest Moments of 2008

I realize that I am a couple of days late in getting in my reflections of 2008 but here they are. Everyone and their mom did a best of album list, which for the most part all have the same artists that are cool, indie and coffee shop pop. So what I have decided to do is list of the top 10 sweetest things in my life that happened in 2008. What makes things sweet, well they are life changing, eye opening and soul affecting. So here they are.

#10-The New York Giants Win the Super Bowl

Ok so not the deepest way to start, but hey it was a great game and being a Giants fan in NM means I only see the G-Men when they play the Cowgirls. But with a Super Bowl win the NYG were on a lot more this season!! Do I smell a repeat in 09, I think so!!!

#9- Reading Augustine’s Confessions and Schaeffer's True Spirituality

Augustine was a dude that lived during the waning days of the Roman Empire. Even though he lived long ago Augustine’s works are profound for today’s world. Augustine is blunt and honest about his sin, struggles and wonder of God.

Francis Shaeffer may be one of the most amazing theologian, apologists of all time. His book True Spirituality to take a phrase from the UFC "Rocked Me". It was one of those books that you have to read, then re-read, then get up off the ground cause it just knocked you over again and agian.

#8-Barack Obama Elected President

While I am thoroughly disgusted by his stance on the slaughtering of babies, I am also excited that the first president my son and daughter may see and remember will be an African American man, and not some old crusty white dude!

#7-Watching Band of Brothers

This is a must see for all dudes. I especially believe this series is a must see for all men who want to lead in ministry, or plant a church. It shows what leadership is, and isn’t as well as shows what community and the need for solid men in one’s life.

#6- The Well

The College ministry that I am over at my church has grown and tripled in size during the last 5 months of the year. I say that not to gloat at all, but to say the impact of that growth has been overwhelming at times. I have learned of my utter failure at organization and my need to repent of laziness, even busy laziness and work to make the use of time the Lord gives me for prayer, fasting, and doing hard but nesacary things for the ministry. It has also been amazing to see young leaders step up and take on responsibility, I hope for more of that in 2009.

Watching my brother in Christ and good friend Zach and his family trust in God and obey Him in taking care of orphans has been mind blowing. Zach is an uber white dude, and his and his wife's adoption of this little African American girl named Mya is such an amazing picture of the Kingdom of God. It has also amp’d up the talk with me and my uber white wife about getting serious about adoption.
Read Z's own testimony of this amazing story. Part I, II, III, and IV


My mother has been battling cancer since the spring of 2007. The most amazing thing though was what I saw in her this past Christmas service. As we were singing about the birth of our Glorious King Jesus I looked over at her and she was singing with arms out in praise to our God. The Lord has done an amazing work in her and my dad, their faith is inspiring to me. I love my parents and praise God for the faith He has placed in their hearts even when the hearts are hurting!

#3-This Woman

Lauren and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this past year and I can honestly say that I am more in love with her and feel more of a soul connection today than ever! I am more attracted to her and passionate about loving her than I thought I could be. I fail daily at being a husband worthy of anything but hell, yet she shows me grace and love as well as a heavy dose of patience. Her love for our kids is something that makes me almost burst with tears of joy as I type this. She is my love!

#2-This Girl

Jordyn turned 2 back in January and she is a full on girl with attitude. She is growing up to be a beautiful girl (she gets that from her mom) which means daddy is going to be getting a shotgun soon enough ☺. Raising her has been a joyful challenge, there have been tough times of discipline, as well as times of laughter as she is developing quite a personality

#1-Brayden Nestor's Arrival

On March 9th Brayden Nestor Griego was born. He has grown to be a cute little boy with a “Charlie Brown” head. I love that boy and am intimidated and excited to be raising a father, grandfather and husband in the Lord.

Man what a year, we are stoked, excited and a bit nervous about what 2009 holds, lets find out....

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