Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Putin to Speak at The DNC??

Anthony Bradley chimes in on who the DNC should have speak this week:
After listening to Hilary Clinton preach about how government will solve all of America's social and moral problems, I thought to myself, "Where is Vladamir Putin, prime minister of Russia, because it sounds exactly like something he would say?" Seriously, if Putin spoke about government's role to solve everything, none of the democrats would really object I'd imagine.

The former Soviet Union was officially a federal socialist republic and that's exactly what you heard last night. And sadly, much of the Republican party is a softer version of the same. Both parties need help.

And by the way, "shipping jobs oversees" is a misnomer. We loose more jobs to technology than we do international outsourcing. It's propaganda. Oh yeah, and the government guaranteeing that women get "equal pay for equal work." Ok, Hilary that will happen on two conditions: (1) if when stopped getting married and (2) if women stop getting pregnant. On average never-married women earn more than their male peers. Come on people, think!!

Dr. Bradley is a professor at Covenant Theological Seminary where I currently reside, the man is bold and wise and willing to say the things no one else is...

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