Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama and His Answer on Abortion

Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason has done a great job of breaking down the answer Barack Obama gave during the presidential forum on the issue of Abortion. I understand that Obama is a candidate for "change" (aren't they all?) and his run for the White House is historic, I get that, but this is a fundamental issue, one where millions of lives are at stake, and so it may be one of the most important answers a President has to deal with.
If you are a Obama supporter please tell me how his answer makes any sense, this is not about being a "right wing religous fundamentalist" I am not, I actually really like to listen to Obama on most things, and I totally agreed with Koukl on the issue of orphans of the world and how it is not the govt. job to help orphans, it is the Church's! But this is dealing with defenseless lives, and the legal execution of these babies, 45 million babies have been lost to this since Roe v Wade.
Want more proof go here to Abort73 and watch and learn the reality of abortion.
Obama supporters tell me, how does this answer make any sense after watching these videos...


ImPosiPosi said...

Personally I don't understand why the issue of legal/illegal abortion continues to be such a pivotal issue for christians. Truly I don't feel its the legality of the practice that is the real issue. If a woman wants an abortion she can and will get one, she doesn't even have to go that far now, with the Plan B pill. I understand that God cares for his flock, and that each child that is born or created is His and he has a plan for that child, but I also have to think about the risks that inevitably arise with illegal abortion, malpractice causing major and fatal birth defects and other problems for both child and mother, as well as the risk of abuse and/or neglect after birth. So I guess I still fail to understand why many christians base their candidate choice soley on the issue of abortion; what about the care of the living... ALL of us, not solely the ones born into opportunity and given chance.

One more thing I feel compelled to add is that I am myself an adoptee, and am thankful that my mother chose to give me a chance at life, but i truly believe that had she not, my spirit would still have been given life through another conception because it was God's plan that I be born and accomplish his tasks here on this earth.

Christopher Lake said...


It is true that in *some* cases, a woman who wants an abortion can and will get one, even if abortion becomes illegal. However, it's also true that *some* adults who want to murder other people will do so, even though murder already is illegal. Murder is illegal; why should abortion not be? Abortion is the deliberate taking of a defenseless human life. Whether or not some women will *choose* to have abortions is beside the point. The question is, given that it is the deliberate taking of a defenseless human life, why should abortion *not* be illegal?

One other thought-- you mention that if your mother had not given you a chance at life, "your spirit" would have been "given life through another conception." How does this view of spirit and conception square with the view found in the Bible?

If you are killed, your spirit (soul) goes to be with the Lord. We will be given new bodies when Jesus returns to reign over the new earth. However, in this current, fallen world (over which God still rules), if our lives are taken, our spirits are not "sent" into another conception. That would be a form of reincarnation, which is incompatible with Christianity. When a Christian dies, his/her spirit is automatically with God.