Friday, May 23, 2008

Crucifixion and Ice Cream

Orlando, Florida is filled with fun and amusements, whether you go to Disney, Universal or Sea World fun is to be had. There is a new theme park though that is based on Christian themes, this theme park is called the "Holy Land Experience" and it is quite sad. It is owned by TBN which should make alarms go off and instead of Splash Mountain or getting pictures with Mickey you can see a white man in a robe with long hair, Jesus, and you can even watch him get crucified while sipping on a limeade.  

Here is a clip from Newsweek:

Amid cell phones ringing, video cams rolling and ice cream melting under the Florida sun, a blood-spattered Jesus stumbles through the crowd on his way to Golgotha, where nasty Roman soldiers strip him, nail him to the cross and crucify him—while perspiring tourists look on in Bermuda shorts. After the resurrection sequence, visitors applaud and line up for a photo op, not with Mickey or Minnie, but a disciple or bloody-handed yet friendly centurion. Welcome to Orlando's most unusual theme park, the Holy Land Experience.

Built in 2001 at a cost of $16 million, the Holy Land Experience recreates the ancient city of Jerusalem to "take you 2,000 years back in time to the world of the Bible" where "it brings to life ancient Israel." Dominating the theme park is a towering replica of Herod's Temple, much like Cinderella's Castle just down Interstate 4. Also on display are recreations of the Qumran caves (site of the Dead Sea Scrolls), the Garden Tomb of Jesus, the Wilderness Tabernacle with an Ark of the Covenant light and sound show and a Byzantine Scriptorium where tourists learn about the history of Bible production. A gift shop sells Star of David necklaces with Christian crosses embedded in them and olive wood from the real Holy Land.

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