Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Religion vs Gospel

Last night at The Well I mentioned the distinctions between religion and The Gospel. I read from a list that comes from Tim Keller of what marks religion and what marks The Gospel. Below is some of the distinctions that comes from Tim Keller that has been compiled by The Journey Church in St. Louis.

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Here is a few of the distinctions:
“I obey-therefore I’m accepted.”

“I’m accepted-therefore I obey.”

Motivation is based on fear and insecurity.

Motivation is based on grateful joy.

I obey God in order to get things from God

I obey God to get to God-to delight and resemble Him.

When circumstances in my life go wrong, I am angry at God or my self, since I believe, like Job’s friends that anyone who is good deserves a comfortable life.

When circumstances in my life go wrong, I struggle but I know all my punishment fell on Jesus and that while he may allow this for my training, he will exercise his Fatherly love within my trial.

When I am criticized I am furious or devastated because it is critical that I think of myself as a ‘good person’. Threats to that self-image must be destroyed at all costs.

When I am criticized I struggle, but it is not critical for me to think of myself as a ‘good person.’ My identity is not built on my record or my performance but on God’s love for me in Christ. I can take criticism. That’s how I became a Christian.

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B-lo said...


I put this up on my blog a few months back. My only for Keller is this:

We need to remember that James 1:17 says pure and undefiled religion is the gospel... Loving on widows and orphans. So, maybe we just need a redefinition of religion.

Thanks for all your hard work bud. I really look up to you.