Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Do We Talk About The Lost?

Trevin Wax has a great post with much food for thought on the subject of how our christian culture has switched out talk about who we reach.

There was a time when we spoke of unsaved people as “lost and dying and on their way to hell” – a phrase that painted a vivid picture of the stakes of being outside of Christ. We spoke of unsaved people in this way for so long that such terminology became something of a cliché.

Today, it seems that many pastors and church members tend to shy away from terms like “lost,” “unsaved,” and “unbeliever.” Instead, we speak of the people we are trying to reach as “unchurched.”

Trevin lists off a couple of reasons for why this change may not be for the best:

1. First, it indicates that our people believe the goal of the church is to grow the church.

2. Secondly, our shift in vocabulary indicates a lessening of the eternal stakes of salvation.

Click here to read the whole thing, it is worth thinking through for sure!

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